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The Red Box range of power units are designed to offer every variation of power needed for Aircraft, Vehicles, the rail industry and the military.                 

We have a full range of start units (including lithium ground power units), continuous DC power supplies, combination start and continuous power units, transformer rectifier units and frequency converters.

Deciding what unit is right for you can be extremely difficult. Contact our sales team for a personal service that will help you make an informed choice.

The Red Box range of battery, aircraft start units are the ideal solution for starting the majority of DC aircraft. They are designed to start aircraft from the very smallest up to the largest business jets. There are a range of voltages (12V, 24V and 28V) and power capacities available. Here is a brief outline of what you should be considering.

It is important to choose not only the right start power unit for your aircraft, but also the right unit for your operation. Some customers only want a unit to start in emergencies and some will be using it multiple times a day. Although Red Box units are designed to start aircraft, some customers require a small amount of continuous power as well. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team; they have the experience to recommend the correct unit for your needs.

For some small aircraft the requirement is for a 12V unit. We manufacture 12V units in 3 sizes, although any aircraft that needs 12V only needs to use our smallest RB25A 12V unit, the larger units are only really for multiple starts.

As standard, most DC powered aircraft only need 24V DC to start. The ground power port normally indicates 28V DC, but this is for the continuous power requirements. The onboard battery is 24V therefore you only need 24V to start. We have a large number of 24V aircraft start units available ranging from small hand portable units to large trolley cart units. If weight is an issue we produce the same range utilising lithium battery technology. If you are unsure please contact one of our sales team and they will be more than happy to help you.

We also manufacture a number of 28V DC aircraft start units too. In most cases this is only to provide customers with peace of mind as most aircraft will start from 24V DC. Although there are a few aircraft that are volt sensitive and need a 28V DC start system. Our sales team will help you choose the right unit.

If you are looking to be able to continuously power your aircraft to practice using the avionics or to perform updates to the system then our RBSC and RBPS range provide this facility for you. A dual voltage power unit can be used to start either a 14 volt or 28 volt aircraft. Sometimes a combination of start and continuous power in one unit is required. In remote locations where mains power is not available the Self powered GPU will allow starting and continuous power.

Redbox Power Packs


Red Box - RB50


Red Box - RB75

Twin RB75

Red Box - Twin RB75


Red Box - TC400A-4


Red Box - TC400A-6


Red Box - RBL2500


Red Box - RBL4000



Our TC3000A range is simply a combination between our battery powered start units and our mains powered continuous power supply units. When plugged into the mains these units will supply up to 600 amps continuously (dependent on the model). When unplugged they will give up to 6000 peak amps (dependent on the model).



Safety & EMC

Red Box - TC3000



This Red Box unit combines a petrol engine with a bank of batteries to offer the slickest combination unit in the world. The weight and size of this unit is unrivalled, making it the obvious choice of Business Jet owners and operators. It allows for starting and continuous power away from the normal hanger environment so that aircraft on the flightline can be serviced as an alternative to being moved via an aircraft tug into the hanger.



Red Box - HYBRED

Tools and Tool Control Solutions

Red Box offers a selection of pre-designed aviation tool kits that have been designed using the highest quality tools to offer aviation maintenance personnel the best solution for AOG and base maintenance tasks. The kits can be provided as seen below in impact resistant cases or in the Red Box Pro series of electronic tool control cabinets. The kits come with aircraft tools laid out in laser cut Skydrol resistant foam and can also be laser etched.

Many of the worlds leading airlines, MRO’s and military organizations already opt to use these high quality kits that offer the user the tools they need to do their job and help the reduction of FOD.

Red Box - Tools and Tool Control Solutions

Camera & Inspection

Red Box Borescopes can be used as stand alone inspection systems or integrated into Red Box SnakeCam systems. The Red Box International ScopeCam attaches directly to the SnakeCam system, while Borescopes are connected via a Cmount camera and coupler.

Red Box - Camera & Inspection


The Red Box SnakeCam inspection camera system is a remarkably high quality, portable, low cost inspection tool, which offers users a flexible solution to a variety of situations. The basic kit comprises of a camera with inbuilt LED's, TFT-LCD hand-held display monitor and Rigid Wand Adaptor, with 90° swivel capability.

SnakeCam inspection camera systems are made up of a variety of modular components and accessories that can be supplied in any combination to suit your specific application.

SnakeCam has the capability to record AV files directly to an integral SD card, laptop or camcorder, (depending on which display monitor is used). The camera and accessories are waterproof to a depth of 30m (100 foot).

The standard SnakeCam camera has integral LEDs enabling operation in complete darkness and infrared cameras are also available as an accessory.

Red Box - SnakeCam

RB50 Spec Sheet

RB50 Spec Sheet

Twin RB75 Spec Sheet

Twin RB75 Spec Sheet

TC400A-4 Spec Sheet

TC400A-4 Spec Sheet

TC400A-6 Spec Sheet

TC400A-6 Spec Sheet

RBL2500 Spec Sheet

RBL2500 Spec Sheet

RBL4000 Spec Sheet

RBL4000 Spec Sheet

TC3000 Spec Sheet

TC3000 Spec Sheet

RB75 Spec Sheet

RB75 Spec Sheet

Hybred Spec Sheet

Hybred Spec Sheet Red Box Aviation

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