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We provide certain aircraft starter generators spares such as standard brushes, long life brushes, bearings, friction rings etc.

Long Life Brushes

A Significant Improvement In Brush Life

The industry leading Millennium Series Long Life Brushes are available for starter generators ranging from 150 to 400 Amps used in rotorcraft, turbroprop and jet applications for most Goodrich/Safran 23032, 23046, 23048, 23065, 23078, 23079, 23080, 23085, 23088 series and Skurka/APC 150SG, 160SG, 200SGL, 300SG, 300SGL, & 400SG series Starter Generator applications - providing our customer the following advantages when compared to standard brushes.

Starter Generator Spares

Starter Generator Spares Starter Generator Bearings Starter Generator Long Life Brushes