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Connect to your weather, where and when it’s happening with our weather stations and sensors. Designed for home, school, agricultural and industry applications. Our high quality affordable equipment is built to last.



Incorporate weather into STEM curriculum for grades K-12, reinforcing math, science and vocabulary lessons while giving the whole community a valuable asset.

Engage The Community

Develop a sense of school community by posting your weather data online. Students and parents can use real-time weather information to decide how to dress for school and after-school activities.

Monitor Playground Safety

Use weather data to determine how long students can be outside for recess. Whether it’s hot or cold, on-site weather helps administrators keep students safe.

Expand Your Curriculum

Incorporate weather into your science program with an on-campus garden. Students can document weather conditions and their relationship to plant growth using graphs and written assignments.

Research-Grade Accuracy

Base your research on accurate data. Davis weather stations are used in academic research projects by hundreds of universities throughout the world where accurate, reproducible data on temperature, wind or rain is required.



Extend your weather monitoring across your entire property to ensure maximum harvest yields while minimizing crop damage risks.

Remote weather station with telematics alerts growers to real-time frost conditions, reducing risk of crop damage.

Make Irrigation Decisions Based On Plant-Water Demand

Monitor in-field evapotranspiration (ET) readings and use soil moisture probes to dramatically improve irrigation decision making.

Affordability And Reliability In One, Easy-To-Use Station

Vantage Pro2 weather stations are planted alongside crops all over the world because they are affordable, accurate, durable, and easy to use. You’ll have real-time data for weather conditions in your fields within minutes of opening the box.

Customize Your Installation With Special Stations

The Vantage Pro2 system is flexible and expandable, allowing you to customize your installation to meet your specific needs. Add on special use stations, such as telematics for remote installations, solar radiation sensors for ET, soil moisture stations, or even third-party specialty sensors.

Use Growing Degree Days To Accurately Forecast Harvest Dates

Track heat units every 15 minutes to provide a detailed record of progress for use with crop growth targets in order to improve harvest forecast accuracy. Extend your weather monitoring across your entire property to ensure maximum harvest yields.

Prevent Catastrophic Frost Damage

Thousands of growers trust Davis weather monitoring solutions to help them predict, prepare for and minimize crop damage during frost events. Real-time alerts from multiple cold spots on your farm, sent as text messages to your cell phone, help you respond while damage can still be mitigated.

Track Chilling Requirements During Crop Dormancy

Set your own thresholds and start/end dates using in-field data to obtain an accurate picture of chill hour accumulation.



Hundreds of fire, police and emergency response professionals use Davis stations to monitor and predict floods, fire danger, hazmat risks, and changing weather conditions.

Receive Alerts That Indicate Approach Of Severe Weather

Real-time alerts for high wind speeds and dropping barometric pressure help you respond quickly.

Evaluate Fire Danger Based On Local Conditions

Monitor wind, rain, relative humidity and days since last rain in your community to increase fire danger accuracy.

Track Conditions During Natural Disasters And Hazard Incidents

Cell-based data transmission allows first responders to set up weather monitoring equipment in the field to evaluate and act on changing conditions.


Know the weather where it matters most: in your own backyard!

Every Weather Buff Needs Data

Whether you are a professional meteorologist or a weekend weather buff, you love weather data! With an accurate and reliable weather station mounted in your own backyard, you’ll have all the data you need to analyze, predict, archive, and share -- and it will be real-time and very local.

Easy To Set Up

Within minutes of opening the box, your weather station can be up and reporting comprehensive data to your living room.

Be Prepared For Severe Weather

Whether your home is more like to see a hurricane, deep snow drifts, long droughts, steamy humidity, weeklong rain storms, thunderstorms, or possible flooding, being prepared is the key to minimizing weather damage to your home and keep your family and pets safe. You’ll be able to look at past data and analyze current data to be sure you’ve done all you can to protect your home.

Water Wisely

Add a Soil Moisture station to your Vantage Pro2 and know when and how much to irrigate to keep your flowers blooming, your lawn green, and your tomatoes prize-winning!

Know The Weather At Your Second Home

Is is cold enough in your mountain cabin to freeze the pipes? How hot is it at the beach house? Set up a Vantage Vue in your second home and connect it to the web via WeatherLinkIP and you’ll never have to wonder.



Offer real-time weather data to make outdoor activities safe and fun.

Keep Your Guests Apprised Of Current Weather Conditions

Whether your guests are looking forward to snow skiing or snorkeling, knowing the conditions for outdoor recreation will enhance their experience.

Make Good Decisions For Safe Recreation

Too windy for climbing? How cold is it on top of the mountain? What will the UV index be for today’s round of golf? Be prepared with real-time, micro-climate information for safe fun outdoors.

Bring Your Weather Station With You

Vantage Vue is compact and self-contained: mount it on your recreational vehicle or boat and have the local weather information you need while away from home. It is also affordable: install a second station at your vacation cabin.



The invisible, uncontrollable member of every outdoor sports event is the weather.

Engage Fans Even Before The Event

Promote your venue by sharing the weather leading up to and including game-day. Besides allowing fans to come dressed appropriately, weather offers another analysis point and a way to further engage your fans with the team.

Promote Team Safety

Keep your athletes strong by avoiding the dangers of dehydration, sun exposure, slipping, or chilling during practices and games. Tracking weather conditions at the field level allows coaches to monitor player safety, preventing weather-related injuries.

Play With The Weather, Not Against It

In outdoor sports, weather is the invisible team member. Knowing the field will be icy, the temperatures will be soaring, the wind will be whipping from the west, or the track will be wet gives your athletes the ability to hone their skills to perform in spite of the weather.

Keep Your Turf Game-Day Ready

Add an additional sensor and your facilities team will be able to monitor soil moisture and irrigation needs for your natural turf or landscaped areas.


A customizable, professional station with a wide range of options and sensors. All Vantage Pro2 stations include a console and a versatile integrated sensor suite that can be customized by adding consoles or special-purpose options. Anemometer can be mounted separately, up to 40′ (12 m), from the rain collector. Vantage Pro2 is an excellent choice for hobbyists, schools, municipalities and others to monitor temperature, wind and moisture condition

Rugged And Flexible, Vantage Pro2 Offers Reliable Weather Data Under The Most Demanding Circumstances:

Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Pro 2

Dependable Data Transmission

The wireless Vantage Pro2 uses a solar-powered transmitter with battery backup to keep your data flowing. The frequency-hopping spread spectrum Vantage Pro2 radio transmits and receives data up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) line-of-sight. The cabled version transmits data via the cable.

Exceptionally Accurate, Weather Resistant Rain Collector

Bird spikes and a helpful debris screen aid in fending off potential problems while grip grooves are handy for easy maintenance. The built-in bubble level offers more accurate installation for precise rain data. The aluminum-plated tipping bucket is self-emptying, corrosion resistant and laser-calibrated for exceptional accuracy.

Get 12- to 48-hour Advance Forecast

Vantage Pro2 offers 12-hour advance forecast icons as well as 24- to 48-hour advance forecast ticker-tape.

View And Store Your Weather Data On Your Computer Or Online

When you add one of our optional WeatherLink data loggers and software, you’ll be able to run additional analyses. With WeatherLinkIP, your data is automatically uploaded to your page on, where you can store, view and share it.

Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Pro 2 Davis Weather Stations - Vantage Pro 2

Vantage Pro2 Spec Sheet

Vantage Pro2 Spec Sheet

Davis Instruments Catalog

Davis Instruments Catalog

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